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The main two listings of my blog will be

  1. Voyeur Sites
  2. Amateur Sites
I will try to cover as many sites as possible on those two pages. New sites and links will be posted directly on this homepage of my blog.

About my voyeur blog

Hi all!

Right after the¬†legal dispute about Voyeurweb¬†exploded in November 2012, I started to look for alternatives. Voyeurweb has gotten worse and worse after Igor left: Most of the amateur contributions were either recycled or produced in Eastern Europe. Igor’s new Voyeurcloud was offline. This blog is going to be all about all the amateur and voyeur sites I researched and what I found there.

About myself: I have been following Igor and Voyeurweb since 1999 religiously every day. The daily highlights were my daily lecture after dinner. I left 1000s of comments. I am a voyeur at heart myself, although I enjoy (like many others) to see others work and not do voyeur myself. I am from Denmark. I like to look at true amateurs and I like to look at real voyeur photos and videos. I can smell fabricated amateurs and I can smell fabricated voyeur pictures and stories.

Not all alternate voyeur and amateur web sites feature both worlds. Some show only voyeur and other show only amateur footage. So I divided this blog into two separate categories although some websites show up under both categories.